Getting good marks in school – and the dreaded Diploma Exams

School is getting increasingly stressful for kids. More than ever, they are competing to get “good marks” in order to be able to get to University, Professional School and even Trade School.

Back when I was in grade 12, one only needed about 65% to get into University. At University, we were then subjected to “weeder courses” in the first year that were designed to fail you out. The experience was generally miserable and always stressful.

The combination of living away from home for the first time while balancing financial, work and educational stress was too much for about 50% of University Students who ended up leaving of getting “weeded out”.

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Alcoholic Mom

On teenaged drinking and alcohol abuse

There is one on every block.

Teenaged drinking

We all know who they are – the parents that want the kids to “drink somewhere safe because they are going to do it anyways”…..the parents that want to be “the cool parents”…..the ones who “have all the parties”……the ones who get the kids the booze “because they are going to get it anyways”….the ones who think that letting kids drink wins “the popularity contest”…..and the parents who want to live vicariously through their kids.

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Balanced Diet

Should I Take a Vitamin? Which Vitamin is the best?

This was an interesting question that patients of mine ask me regularly.  Should you take Vitamins or not?  Many would argue that Vitamins are not needed if you have a balanced diet.  I agree. 
The problem is that most “balanced diets” are not nearly as balanced as you would think.  Eating your fresh fruits and vegetables daily may still leave you deficient in key trace elements like Selenium and Chromium.


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