You’re often too tired to exercise.  You KNOW you should do it – but you are just….so…..tired!  So sleep!  Try going to sleep early for a few nights in a row.  If you STILL don’t feel all that great, then talk to your Doctor.  You could have a problem with your Thyroid, a problem with Obstructive Sleep Apnea or even a vitamin deficiency like B12 deficiency.  Anemia is a common problem in women that can make them chronically tired. Some people have abnormalities in the calcium levels as a result of their parathyroid not behaving properly.

So once your Doctor has determined that you are well  – and sleeping longer is not helping…..try exercise.  Try doing exercise at home first.  If you have some equipment like an exercise bike or treadmill – USE IT!  Start with 15 min. per day and then work your way up to an hour a day.  If you don’t have anything, then start with some light stretching, pushups, situps and just skipping in place for 15 min!  You don’t even need a skipping rope!  Just stick with it and try progressing every day for a couple of weeks.

9 times of out 10, you will feel better overall.  You will be more calm, more thoughtful and generally happier.  Don’t worry about your weight – and don’t measure yourself on a scale.  Just go by how you feel and how your clothes fit.

You will start to sleep better and feel better.

Sleep or Exercise?

Dr. John Fernandes

B.Sc., M.Sc., M.D., LMCC, CCFP, FCPC Clinical Lecturer, University of Calgary I am a Physician with over a decade of experience in my own Private Clinic as well as a full admitting Physician to a Tertiary Care Hospital in Calgary. Married with two daughters that both want to be Physicians as well. Hobbies include skiing, golf, mountain biking and Karate.

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