JP was started after a well respected Family Physician kept getting asked to recommend a nutritional supplement to his patients.  Many nutritional supplements contain a long list of “non-medicinal ingredients” and are very large and difficult to swallow.  The good Doctor spent approximately 2 years researching the most common Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies in North America.  He then searched for a way to create a supplement with very few “non-medicinal ingredients” that was tiny, easy to swallow and which was derived from high quality North American sources in a highly respect industry standard factory that was as fussy as he was.  The whole production process had to be certified, transparent and regularly audited by an independent body.
What resulted was JP Vitale – a trustworthy source of high quality vitamins and minerals with very few “non-medicinal ingredients”.  The capsules are small, smooth and very easy to swallow.  This is a very “high end” Multivitamin/Mineral nutritional supplement.  The formulation was then submitted for intense scrutiny to the Canadian Natural Health Products Directorate (CNPD), which is the Canadian equivalent of the FDA.  Between this organization and the FDA, JP Vitale has been approved by a Government Licensing Process that has the strictest standards in the world for the licensing and review of Natural Health Products.

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